Eller tvärtom, ibland.

One for our international friends

This post is somewhat unusual, as written in english. I thought I'd share some of the swedish early summer with the guys over at FM forums:-) And the reason is of course my newly acquired Zeiss 50 Planar.

Me and a friend took a little walk from Universitetet (The university, which is a metro/underground station) to Värtahamnen; one of the great harbours of Stockholm.

The weather was temperamental! A splendid time for the Planar to show off, as the great landscape lens it is. Click on the images to view them at their proper size!

We had about ~14 degrees Celsius, but when the sun came through it was quite nice:-)

I've previously claimed that the planar sucks at close distances. I'll have to revise that! When stopped down, it's as sharp as you'll ever want a lens to be. Here at f/8:

All of you guys that can't stand blown hilights might scroll down now:-) An old Vespa at f/2.8 clearly shows the qualities of this lens, that won't come through in all of those laboratory tests you read.

On we wandered, until we occasionaly stumbled into Värtahamnen, nearby.
This guy was astonished about me "shooting an old garage", as he said. Well, I love old garages! :-D

Now, how's the bokeh of that Planar? I hear some people claiming it's ugly. Björn Rörslett, the famous norwegian photographer, for instance. Well, I'd say it's stellar when the lens is focused a few meters away. It's okay from wide open, but gets better stopped down. This is at f/2.8:

I'd describe the rendering as "natural". Smooth, nice and "clear". The Planar is worth every penny!
Let's end this with a self portrait:-) And look at the bokeh ("blur rendering" for the unwitting)!

No, my nose doesn't look like that:-)) Droplets on the mirror.

That's all! And here's the thread: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/860134/57#8519152

 Tillägg på morgonen: Man behöver inte kommentera på engelska;-)

Inlagt 2010-05-29 23:57 | Läst 6649 ggr. | Permalink

Fotosidan uppskattar att du diskuterar våra artiklar. Håll en god ton och håll dig till ämnet för ett bra debattklimat.

(visas ej)

Hur mycket är tre plus två?
Skriv svaret med bokstäver
As always, an interesting and informative post Martin.
I certainly like the bokeh.

P.S. Are you sure that's not your nose? ;-)
Svar från Makten   2010-05-30 18:53
Thanks Claes! I think this is a lens that you have to learn how to use, to get the best out of it. Those that doesn't like the bokeh probably haven't got the hang of it yet.
You've convinced me! The Planar is great, and stands comparison with the Distagon.
Svar från Makten   2010-05-30 18:54
It sure does, but not until stopped down to around f/2.8. I'd say the Distagon is better from f/2-3.5 and the Planar then takes the lead.
Really vibrant colors.. I do believe that I might check out some of the gear that you are using.

You have become one of my main inspirations.. ;)
Svar från Makten   2010-05-30 18:55
An important note is that all of the images except for the Vespa, are shot with a polarizing filter! Forgot to mention that:-) But yes, the Zeiss lenses are very special when it comes to color. I actually use the "camera neutral" profile in ACR, in opposite to "camera vivid" that I almost always used with the Nikkors.

And thanks for your kind words!
I always read the comments to your articles as well, so I'll reply in english for those who like reading comments :)

My english is rusty, but comprehendable.
I just visited the MF forum, my last visit there was almost one year ago. That time I ended up spending hours on a "admirable blur" thread. I also noticed that the search functionality was disabled for non-members. For those of you who don't feel like registring an account just to search, enter the following into googles search field:
site:http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/ holy grail
Substitute "holy grail" with whatever you'd rather find.

The first photo; I'm not very found of this shade of green. It doesn't bother me in real life, but on the screen it does. However, the photographer can't be blamed :) I'll have a talk with mother nature about it one of these days.
I'm impressed that you resisted the temptation to center on one of the two magnificent trees (if there was such a temptation for you, it would have been for me). I believe the photograph turned out better this way, the big trees feel like a gate. The topography of the landscape comes out really well, even though it's quite flat. Impressive.

Second photo. Impressive sharpness indeed, and a very nice touch with the water droplets. What about the top left corner? Just outside DOF i suppose.

Third photo (i would really like to be able to comment per image, oh well): I don't mind blown highlights. Not at all. Maximum range on whatever is the interesting part of the photograph is my can of coke. It can and should be used to isolate a subject just like shallow depth of field (when apropriate, ofc).

Foruth photo: Shooting people you don't know, up close and personal, I'm impressed. If I was shooting a garage and someone showed up from inside (if that was what happened) I would put my camera down, look ashamed and just take off... probably. Not nice, not smart... Stay around and chat is what I would like to do. I have to work on that :)

Fifth photo: Very nice bokeh indeed. I can't describe what I like about it, it's probably more about what I'm not disliking about it. Sometimes out of focus areas just irritates me. This very much does not.

Sixth photo: Ah, a classic traffic-mirror-shot. But with a very interesting background! Well spotted! :)
Svar från Makten   2010-05-31 16:15
Thanks Jesper! I'll just reply the photo comments;-)

#1: The green is due to the sun coming through the heavy clouds, combined with the use of a polarizer.

#2: The left corner is just out of DOF, yes;-)

#3: That's how I see it too. Though, it's often a bit disturbing with the transition to the blown hilights being ugly with digital cameras.

#4: That man just came out of the door when I held my finger on the trigger, so I'd never have taken his photo if he stood there from the beginning.

#5: I think the niceness of the bokeh is mainly because of it having lower contrast and duller colors than the sharp parts. The Planar has a unique rendering in that case.

#6: Thanks! Perhaps I should have stopped down a little bit more.


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