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Vi gråter aldrig vi skrattar åt livet som ett skämt. - Ebba Grön

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The weddingring poem

Of all the traditions that true love may bring,
The most cherished custom passed down
Is the ring……

A circle unending, complete and unbroken,
Exchanged in the moment love’s promise is spoken.
Though fable and folklore and history may vary
With tales of this symbol for those meant to marry
However the wedding ring first had its start,
Its true beauty lies within each lover’s heart….
In trust and commitment, shared laughter and tears,
In strength of a friendship
that grows through the years…….
In hopes and in dreams,
Each ring reflects love that is one of a kind.
And each couple married is free to define
The course of their love as their lives intertwine.
For the treasure of love, just like silver and gold,
Is unique to each promise “to have and to hold”

Texten är hittad på nätet utan källa.

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Porträtt på min dotter

Blev smått galen idag när jag insåg att jag inte fotograferat ordentligt på länge.

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Den lilla piraten

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