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PMD skrev: Hogan kan ha missförstått. Jag hoppas att han svarar på ditt brev! Jag är nyfiken på var han har fått sina uppgifter från.
Hi Thom,

In your Z6/Z7 user guide, I read the folliwing:

"The Z6 and Z7 get their phase information right on the main image sensor. Every twelfth photosite row is dual purpose on these cameras: when composing an image, those rows can collect focus information at nearly every photosite on the row (remember that’s 8256 cells on the Z7, 6024 on the Z6). When taking an image, those same photosite rows collect image information.

This is usually referred to as dual-pixel: as each pixel location (photosite) has two functions. In Canon’s current DSLR and mirrorless world, every photosite is dual-pixel. In the Nikon and Sony world, it’s only evenly spaced rows of photosites that have this attribute. "

Some of my friends claim that those pixels on the PDAF rows are only collecting AF-information, i.e. not dual pixel.

Could you please enlighten me?

Thank you!

Best regards,