Gammal 2019-05-15, 15:42
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Fråga [ENGLISH] Help! Where to sell my Sigma 300mm F2.8D APO HSM (Nikon)??

I am selling my Sigma 300mm F2.8D APO HSM for Nikon, but I am fairly new in Sweden so I am not aware where can this be done... specially because we're talking about a very specific lens that might only be interesting for professional photographers or people into wildlife or sports photography.

I tried at the Scandinavian Photo store but they only offer me photographic articles in exchange, and I am currently covered on that so I would prefer to sell it for money, not another lens.

I would like to ask for recommendations where I could sell it, online and offline. I am trying Blocket (currently the ad is waiting to be approved) but I would like to know if there is any other alternatives that might work better.

I kept the lens for a long while because it's basically new, works perfectly, and I have feelings attached to it (it belonged to my father, who is retired now) so I refused to sell it... but my camera equipment is Canon, so I have an adaptor but obviously AF does not work which is very inconvenient. Currently is just stored at my place, while someone could really give good use of it.

Thanks for your help!
Gammal 2019-05-15, 15:56
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Why not try the ads here on Fotosidan? Most visitors here have an interest in photography....
Gammal 2019-05-15, 16:08
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Uffe_Nordholm skrev: Why not try the ads here on Fotosidan? Most visitors here have an interest in photography....
Since my swedish knowledge is a bit limited... I didn't know I could share the add in the forum. Thanks! :)
Gammal 2019-05-15, 17:13
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These shops are selling and buying used camera gear. (At least it is stated so on their web sites)



Gammal 2019-05-15, 19:11
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Why not put an sales ad. here on FS. As a member it´s for free an you probably reach a lot of people interested in that lens? Almost everyone here understand if you write in English.
Gammal 2019-05-16, 08:49
Medlem sedan: aug 2015
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Thanks all for the suggestions, very useful!

I created an add here in Fotosidan:

Sigma 300mm F2.8 APO HSM EX (Nikon)
Gammal 2019-05-16, 09:10
Erik Schalin
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.... and perhaps at https://www.blocket.se/

Good luck!


nikon sigma 300mm f2.8

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