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Persongalleriet #716: Hong Kong, Sunday

March 19th, 2017.
A bit tired, after the tough day yesterday. On top of that it was raining quite hard. Tried to wait it out, but gave up eventually. Opted for the D800 for the first time on this trip, since I was worried my NX500 would not be able to take the heavy rain.

Notice the rain theme?  :-)

As I approached the southernmost part of Kowloon, I came to the museum complex housing the HK Space Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It's spectacular architecture and I was much inspired to base my street photography on the geometry and lines I could find in this environment for a while.

I'll get back to these photos in a future blog post.

The skyline viewed from this point is maybe the main tourist attraction in HK.

After drying up in my room for a couple of hours, I headed out for some supper. Being Sunday night, that intensity I experienced on the previous night was mellowed down. I took some time to try and incorporate reflections of neon signs and other more planned shots. The rain had stopped and I was back to the Samsung NX500.

Be well, everybody!


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Persongalleriet #715: Hong Kong, Saturday

March 18th, 2017.
This Saturday sure was intense!
I travelled from Hanoi to HK in the morning. In the early afternoon I went out to find lunch and some street. The hotel has a fitness centre and I squeezed in a session.
I had talked to fellow streetie Marcus Johansson about meeting in the evening, since we had realized we happened to be in HK at the same time. The plan of a quiet bar crawl changed into a house party on the 38th floor high up on the hills of Central. Some of Marcus' HK friends celebrated their new apartment, and I was invited!

Here are some b&w's fresh from the Hong Kong streets:

Be well, everybody!


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Persongalleriet #714: Hanoi, Thursday

March 16th, 2017.
When returning from my walk the day before, I had noticed there was another stretch of railroad tracks with houses on either side, just south of the main train station. This is where I started my day and after I walked that pretty short stretch, I walked another set of alleys a little further south from where I've walked before.

The guy behind the door in this photo, turned out to speak good English. We talked about the impracticality of living right on the railroad and went on to talk about Hanoi's traffic situation. He told me there were plans for a subway and also an elevated railway and that in 10 years, Hanoi might have a much better traffic situation. Now it's a city of 7-8 million with no other public transport than a few bus lines. That explains that there's a LOT of motorbikes! And actually quite a lot of cars also. I have met quite a few Vietnamese people on the streets who complain to me about all these bikes.

Be well, everybody!


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Persongalleriet #713: Hanoi, Wednesday

March 15th, 2017.
Although I had a very nice midday walk, I'll just show one photo from it.

Instead I'll concentrate on the evening walk. Some drama in the electric lights and wet glistening streets...

Be well, everybody!


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Persongalleriet #712: Hanoi, Tuesday

March 14th, 2017.
Started off the day by going to the Temple of Literature, dedicated to Confucius and built in 1070 a.d.

A place of peace and quiet and beauty.

I spent an hour or so at the temple and then set out on the streets again. Including the lunch break, I ended up spending six hours out there.

Washing up can be fun!

Madam & the Mannequins.

Half a Pig.

Be well, everybody!


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