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Adobe uppdaterar Photoshop

Adobe fixar buggar.

Under måndagen skickade Adobe ut uppdateringar till Photoshop och Bridge. Det rör sig till stor del om olika buggfixar. Även Lightroom Classic fick en mindre bugg fixad, som ska röra synkroniseringen.

Photoshop är nu uppe i version 22.1.1, och Bridge 11.0.1.

Här är samtliga fixar:


• Program errors saving and while using different tools and commands

• Stroke appears in properties panel after file saved and opened without stroke

• Crash when opening files with type layers or using type features

• Drawing mode not available in Advanced settings for GPU in Photoshop 22.1 preferences

• Boxes/blocky artifacts on images when flattening or exporting

• Unexpected stroke on text when converting to a shape

• Shift key doesn't disable 3rd party plug-ins

• Stroke appears in properties panel after file saved and opened without stroke

• Artifacts/incorrect appearance after flattening

• Brush preview overly for hardness/opacity is not working

• Unknown error using Export As

• Eyedropper sampling ring missing


• (Mac only) Exported images display oversaturated colors and extreme contrast. 

• Cannot open video files in associated media player when performing double-click operation.

• Selecting Stacks > Auto-Stack for Panorama/HDR causes Bridge to crash.

• (Mac only) Bridge crashes on selecting Tools > Photoshop > Process Collections in Photoshop.

• This release also provides a number of security updates. To learn more, check out Adobe Security Bulletin for Bridge.

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