Hasselblad X1D II 50C


Spegelfri mellanformatskamera med 50 megapixel

Camera Type Medium Format Mirrorless Digital camera with Autofocus, Auto exposure, interchangeable
Construction Machined aluminium. Tripod socket 1/4”.
Sensor Type CMOS, 50 megapixels (8272 × 6200 pixels, 5.3 × 5.3 µm).
Sensor Dimensions 43.8 × 32.9 mm
Image Size
Stills: 3FR RAW capture 106 MB on average. JPEG 5 to 25 MB depending on setting, TIFF 8 bit:
154 MB.
Video: To be enabled at a later date.
File Format Hasselblad 3FR RAW, Full size JPEG.
Shooting Mode Single shot, Continuous, Self Timer, Interval Timer and Exposure Bracketing.
Colour Definition 16-bit; Dynamic range up to 14 stops.
ISO Speed Range ISO Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600.
Storage Options Dual UHS-II SD cards or tethered to Mac or PC. SD Cards can be used in Overflow or Backup
mode. Max 1 TB. High Speed UHS-II cards are recommended.
Colour Management Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS)
Storage Capacity 64 GB card holds approximately 600 RAW or 2000 JPEG High Quality images on average.
Capture Rate 2.7 frames per second (RAW)
User Interface
Touch interface including swipe, scroll and pinch/spread to zoom. Camera grip with buttons and
Scroll Wheels. Many camera functions and settings can be controlled from a tethered computer
or iPad Pro/iPad Air (2019) over Wi-Fi or tethered.
Display 3.6-inch TFT type, 24-bit colour, 2.36-million-dot; Touch functionality: Full support
Live View On camera and host computer with high frame rate.
Viewfinder OLED, 3.69-million-dot Electronic Viewfinder (EVF). Viewing Area : 100%. Magnification: 0.87x
Histogram Feedback Yes, in Browse Mode on rear display and in EVF.
IR Filter Mounted in front of sensor.
Acoustic Feedback Yes
Phocus for Mac and Windows. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® and Adobe
Camera Raw®
Phocus Mobile 2 including support for tethered connection via USB-C
Platform Support Macintosh: OS X version 10.12.2 or later. PC: XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)/ 8 / 10.
iOS device Support iPad Pro or iPad Air (2019 or later)
Host Connection Type USB 3.0 (5 Gbit/s) Type-C connector.
Additional Connections Audio In/Out.
Operating Temperature -10 to 45 ˚C. 14 to 113 ˚F.
Wi-Fi & GPS 802.11 b, g, n, a, ac (a and ac depending on region). GPS built-in
Shutter Electronically controlled lens shutter with speeds up to 1/2000 s. Flash sync at all speeds. Optional electronic shutter
Shutter Speed Range 68 minutes to 1/2000 s with XCD Lenses. 1/800 s or 1/2000 s with HC/HCD Lenses. Electronic
shutter 68 min to 1/10000 s.
Flash Sync Speed Flash can be used at all shutter speeds. Mechanical shutter only.
Flash Control
TTL centre weighted system. Compatible with NikonTM System flashes. ISO range 100 to 6400.
Flash output can be adjusted (-3 to +3 EV) for fill-in purposes independent of ambient light. Sync
at all shutter speeds. Mechanical shutter only.
Flash Compatibility
In TTL-mode, the following Nikon Flash products can be used: SB-300, SB-500, SB-5000, SB-700,
SB-900, SB-910.
The following Profoto products can be used in TTL-mode: A1, B1 and B2 with Nikon interface.
Automatic and manual focusing. Instant manual focus override. Automatic focusing using contrast
detection. 100% zoom or Focus Peaking available in manual focus. Up to 117 selectable autofocus
Exposure Metering Spot, centre weighted and centre spot.
Power Supply Rechargeable Li-ion battery (7.27 VDC/3400 mAh). Can be charged in camera via USB or external
charger. Charging time approximately 2 hours with the supplied USB charger.
Dimensions Complete camera w/ XCD 45 mm lens: 148 x 97 x 125 mm [W x H x D].
Camera Body only: 148 x 97 x 70 mm
Weight 1230 g (Complete camera with XCD 45mm lens, Li-ion battery and card).
650 g (Camera Body). 766 g (Camera Body with battery and SD Card).

2020-07-26 Peeter Reep

PLUS: Bildkvalitet, relativt billig, vacker och lättmanövrerad.
MINUS: Något långsam autofokus, men jämfört med min Leica M240 så är den snabb...

Har nu haft min Hasselblad X1D II i en månad som jag köpte ny tillsammans med en Hasselblad XCD 90 mm F3.2 mm, och haft tillfälle att testa den vid två sessioner modellfotograferingar, och jag är väldigt nöjd med kameran.
Den ger väldigt stora RAW filer direkt ur kameran, över 106 mb st, och bildkvaliteten är fantastisk med Hasselblads XCD objektiv Bilderna ger verkligen en wowkänsla.

Hasselblad X1D II är i mina ögon en relativt billig instegskamera till mellanformat, och man får väldigt mycket för pengarna.

Gränssnittet är väldigt lättmanövrerat och mycket vackert.

Pris: 64000