This summer, I interrailed through Sweden and will now post each stop on the same day...a month later


23 July 2019

Finding I could take a quick look at Åre between two trains, me and my backpack took a walk around this ski and outdoor resort. I also had a delicious icecream and cappuccino at Åre Bageri before continuing my trip.
Having to change trains in Storlien, I couldn't help thinking of an old funny story, playing with words, that I learned as a child:
- Vart var du hela förra
- I jämtland
- Det förvånar mig
Even if I know a joke is never the same in another language, I can't help myself... Living in France years ago, I once had a French dictionnary of jokes as a birthday present (so I could start telling jokes that made sense in French). Here goes the translation of the funny story above:
- Where were you the whole last year ("År" in Swedish)
- In  Jämtland
- That surprises me greatly ("Storligen" in Swedish)

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Fotosidan uppskattar att du diskuterar våra artiklar. Håll en god ton och håll dig till ämnet för ett bra debattklimat.

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