WInterrail into the 20s, each stop posted on the same day...3 months later


29 July 2019 - A literary trip

There was actually a particular reason for my choice of Skövde.
In the beginning of the 21:st century, a fever caught Sweden. It was the Arn fever. There was a new outbreak some eight years later when the film came,  based on the books about the medieval fictional person Arn. 
Single cases of fever still occur. I got it myself since I read the serie this winter. And voilà - my ultimate goal was to visit the church and cloister ruin with its herb garden in Varnhem, not far from Skövde. 
Close to the church is the Kata farm. It's  a house that has been built over what might be the oldest room in Sweden.  It gives an exposition about the Christian Vikings that once lived in Varnhem. Kata and her family were wealthy and lived  in the 11:th century. 
I was fortunate enough to come just in time for the guiding of the church and joined as well the one about Kata farm. Both guides were much initiated and their own interest in the subject was apparent and contagious. Two booklets and some brochures added some extra weight to my backpack after my visit. 


(Only in Swedish)

Further readings:

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16 hours of travelling

25-26 July 2019

On my way to the train station in Trondheim, I found this joyful umbrella arrangement.

The following three photos are from the first trip that evening. In total, I actually changed trains (and the bus) 4 times, in Stjørdal, Storlien, Östersund and Gävle.

I love the feeling of total freedom of choice on this journey. It wasn't until the train to Östersund that I decided not to take another night there but to wait at the station for the night train bringing me to Gävle. And it wasn't until my just over 2 hours in Gävle that I decided for a prolonged visit there...another time, preferably in December. Question of having the possibility to see the Christmas goat (unless someone already has put it on fire..).  One good hour after Gävle  I set my feet on the ground of Falun. That is however to anticipate my story...

Waiting an hour for the train in Östersund, I was lazily resting and looked forward to a quick evening meal in the train. Only 15 minutes before the departure I saw the announcment of the cancelled bistro car... The tempting sandwich in my mind turned into the abandoned banana in my luggage...The moral of my experience: Always bring something to eat and drink before boarding a train!
Waiting for the train in Östersund

The pillows of SJ definitely have seen their better days... However, in the SJ interrail card that I had, the couchette ticket was included which is really a good deal. And after all, I slept really well!

The last photo and video is for the nostalgia of looking out the window through the twilight at the long train and to listen to the different sounds of a train rushing through the night...

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Dizzy and enchanting train trip

23 July 2019

Speedy train, climbing, descending. Swaying. 
The distant blue mountains, the green forests, the lakes and rivers along this beautiful way, are like gifts to my eyes and soul. It is just to take it all in and repose in the peace of the view... 
Looking just outside the window is however less peaceful... The precipices are sometimes very steep. What if...?
Making a short stop in
and then getting down a dark tunnel, wouldn't you start to wander...what the...?
The name of Hell actually intrigued me so here is some interesting reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell,_Norway#Name
Strindfjorden a few minutes before arriving in Trondheim.
For my return trip two days later, the train was cancelled between Hell and Storlien and replaced by a bus from Stjørdal due to the hot weather. During that bus trip, I was in the good company of a young woman who told me about her studies and her family and friends. It's one of the wonders of travelling, meeting new people, learn about their lives. And then, when having different directions to take, you say good bye. And let them go; out of your life as quickly as they just entered. Letting go... It is sometimes not that difficult. Somehow they have made an impact on your life. Mysteriously, they might remain, like a footprint in your soul. Yet, when you haven't attached, there is a kind of freedom in the meeting and the  letting go. That too, is, as the nature, a kind of peace.
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