This summer, I interrailed through Sweden and will now post each stop on the same day...a month later

Dizzy and enchanting train trip

23 July 2019

Speedy train, climbing, descending. Swaying. 
The distant blue mountains, the green forests, the lakes and rivers along this beautiful way, are like gifts to my eyes and soul. It is just to take it all in and repose in the peace of the view... 
Looking just outside the window is however less peaceful... The precipices are sometimes very steep. What if...?
Making a short stop in
and then getting down a dark tunnel, wouldn't you start to wander...what the...?
The name of Hell actually intrigued me so here is some interesting reading:,_Norway#Name
Strindfjorden a few minutes before arriving in Trondheim.
For my return trip two days later, the train was cancelled between Hell and Storlien and replaced by a bus from Stjørdal due to the hot weather. During that bus trip, I was in the good company of a young woman who told me about her studies and her family and friends. It's one of the wonders of travelling, meeting new people, learn about their lives. And then, when having different directions to take, you say good bye. And let them go; out of your life as quickly as they just entered. Letting go... It is sometimes not that difficult. Somehow they have made an impact on your life. Mysteriously, they might remain, like a footprint in your soul. Yet, when you haven't attached, there is a kind of freedom in the meeting and the  letting go. That too, is, as the nature, a kind of peace.

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Fotosidan uppskattar att du diskuterar våra artiklar. Håll en god ton och håll dig till ämnet för ett bra debattklimat.

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On a train ride to Trondheim, I happened to share a compartment with a couple of American tourists, who were so fascinated with the "Hell" sign that they actually ran out on the platform to photograph it. Came back in the very last second, out of breath. Said they got the name sign all right, but the very best motive was the side door that was marked "Gods Expedition".
Svar från Karin Blomqvist   2019-08-23 20:30
:-D Wonderful story!
I actually missed the sign of God(s Expedition) when passing with the train and saw it on photo when reading the wikipedia article. A good reason for getting back and maybe stay in Hell for a while...