WInterrail into the 20s, each stop posted on the same day...3 months later

WInterrail - 28 December 2019 (Copenhagen & Elsinore)

My interrail trip last summer (2019) gave a taste for more.
This time, I have written about my trip on
Accompanying below pictures, I have sometimes cited (in italic) a few lines from my "wordblog"  and sometimes there is instead a new supplementary text.

It is actually not the tempting cakes that was my focus when taking this photo but the awesome cup-art. Mokkariet is the name of this place where I had a first breakfast.


Morning walk through a sleepy Copenhagen.

Vesterbros torv


Now... Take a close look at this blurred photo... There isn't just the shopwindow dogs... When taking the photo, the door beside opened letting out a woman and... a charming little one....

Helsingör - Elsinore

Arriving at Kronborg Castle


I ought to have remembered my aptitude of getting stuck among beautiful tapestry and paintings...


When returning to the small town, it was already dusk and soon night fell. It was time to take the train back to Copenhagen and have dinner.


Heavenly Scandinavian Tapas at Cofoco

Top: Sustainable Danish salmon, green grapes, lemon balm, pak choy, cilantro and crispy rice
Bottom: Hokkaido pumkin tatare, miso-orange bouillon, greek yoghurt, pickled pumkin and shiso

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Danmark er dejligt!
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Ja, visst är det!
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