WInterrail into the 20s, each stop posted on the same day...3 months later

WInterrail - 3 & 4 January 2020 (Kiel & travelling home)

My interrail trip last summer (2019) gave a taste for more.
This time, I have written about my trip on
Accompanying below pictures, I have sometimes cited (in italic) a few lines from my "wordblog"  and sometimes there is instead a new supplementary text.

When a Euro coin caught up with me in Kiel.


Leaving Kiel for a windy night at sea.


Seeing the interior of my cabin, reminds me of the nightly cracks, probably originating from the cabin table...


...and how reassuring a breaking dawn can feel.

Trying to catch the first possible train home, I was one of the first touching steady ground & heading for the tram to the central station.


Even though I love the feeling of anticipating a trip, coming home is also special. It can be sitting still in your seat while your fellow passengers start getting their luggage, only to prolongue your trip just a little bit more , looking out, seeing the familiar station and knowing that standing in my own shower and sleeping in my own bed is also a very good thing!...

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