WInterrail into the 20s, each stop posted on the same day...3 months later

WInterrail - 30 December 2019 (Towards Hamburg)

My interrail trip last summer (2019) gave a taste for more.
This time, I have written about my trip on
Accompanying below pictures, I have sometimes cited (in italic) a few lines from my "wordblog"  and sometimes there is instead a new supplementary text.

More Hamburg photos in my portfolio

A healthy breakfast is vital for a good day and this one was enjoyed at the cosy place Nelle's Overgade where I also had dinner the previous night.


Before leaving Odense for Hamburg, I took a walk to the nougat and marzipan factory.


Thinking it was worth a try, I rang the bell and was welcomed by a kind man, answering my questions: No, there was no factory outlet. And no, they did not offer any visiting tours. At least I had seen the place…


A while later, I was one among the contemplative train window outlookers for the next three hours...


When the train slowed down, I was already stuck by a window, luggage ready beside me, taking pictures.


Here again finally and this time not only to change trains....


The hotel I had booked, Europäischer Hof, happened to be a real treasure! I fell in love with my room facing on to a small road and showing a glimpse of the open space outside the central station... (And such a suiting room for someone who loves going by train. Hint: photo above bed... )


Arriving about 4 pm, I soon could admire a golden sky from the setting sun.


Christmas decorations at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.


To my great satisfaction, I came across my favorite fast and healthy food chain that I know from Berlin, Dean & David, and once again energized, I returned to the hotel doing a bit of a homework to prepare for the guide tour the following day, a lucky decision as it turned out!

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