WInterrail into the 20s, each stop posted on the same day...3 months later

WInterrail - 31 December 2019 (Hamburg)

My interrail trip last summer (2019) gave a taste for more.
This time, I have written about my trip on
Accompanying below pictures, I have sometimes cited (in italic) a few lines from my "wordblog"  and sometimes there is instead a new supplementary text.

More Hamburg photos in my portfolio

We were only 4 in the bus, Die roten Doppeldecker, waiting for the guide and once arrived he sat down together with us which provided for a really nice and familiar touch to the guiding tour.


"American fruit shop" (According to the guide in the hop on hop off bus Die roten Doppeldecker).


After having seen the town from the hop on hop off bus, giving me a hint of what I wanted to see more closely, I started by taking a look at the town hall.


A year ago, I took the beginner’s course in German and now I followed in the traces of the first of the textbooks Lieber Deutsch 2.0, walking through the shopping center “Europa passage” of Mönckebergstraße.

My next aim was strolling around in the port and Speicherstadt, which I did, with an increasing hunger for lunch though. Having the habit of only paying with my card in Swedeen, my walking tour all of a sudden got the goal of finding an ATM. Cash is king and entering the ATM room can be hard work as you need to enter in the same time as a customer of the bank who's credit card is also an access card...

The Elbphilharmonie, a costly and criticized project due to the increased cost and delays (Elbphilharmonie on Wikipedia).


My much longed-for Fischbrötchen (sandwich with salt herring) and Fritz-kola in the warehouse district (Speicherstadt). What could be more Hamburg for a lunch?

Spitaler Straße


I realized that sleeping would not be an option due to all the fireworks and decided instead to admire the view from my safe haven in the hotel room.


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