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Digital Railroad i konkurs

Vi har tidigare rapporterat om Digital Railroads finansiella problem och igår stängde de ner sin tjänst och firma.

Uppskattningsvis så berörs ca 3.000 fotografer av Digital Railroads konkurs. Detta meddelande möter en besökare som surfar in på deras sajt:

October 28, 2008

To our valued Members and Partners:

We deeply regret to inform you that Digital Railroad (DRR) has shut down.

On October 15th we reported that the company had reduced its staff and was aggressively pursuing additional financing and/or a strategic partner. Unfortunately, those efforts were unsuccessful. Therefore Digital Railroad has been forced to close all operations.

Digital Railroad has attracted a loyal set of customers and partners, and we regret this unfortunate outcome. Without sufficient long-term financial support, the business had become unsustainable.

Thank you for allowing us to serve the photographic community these past few years.

Publicerad 2008-10-29. Läst av 1976 personer.
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