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95: Uninspired (Edited)

50% addicted to blogging according to

Today I've been uninspired and tired. I did get some work done in the office in the morning. Then I  had a meeting on one of the building sites I'm involved in and even managed to take some pictures there.
Drove to another site and solved a problem with a couple of doors and then back to the office to take care of the e-mail.
The day has been cloudy and grey so I'll post an old picture from October 2004 when I went on a phohexcursion to the island of
Utö. (

We had a beautiful day as you can see. Cold and windy but almost clear blue sky and sunshine.
But I also found som ice to take closeups of.

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92: Grand Canyon

Traveling through Arizona Grand canyon is a must see. We stayed on the south rim and managed to see the sunset and the sunrise.
Along with a couple of hundres other tourists.

It´s very difficult to catch the impressive sights on film.

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