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Photo Exhibition 2007-09-16 posted 2007-09-17

I could not make any psots yesterday since Fotosidan seemde to have some technical problems last night.
Today I'm at work so this will be a very quick post just some snapshots from Midsommargårdens Photoexhibition yesterday.
I know I'm biased, but I think we have produced a very nice exhibition with a lot of high quality photos.
You can see it Mon-Fri until October 3. I'll update later with som more snapshots from my Ixus.

Jeanette Friis MGFK lats minute preparations

Annika Johansson (MGFK) with friends

Kurt Ekh (MGFK) and the photographer Britt Rehnfeldt

Markus Dagnell and Daniel Lindberg (both MGFK) in conversation with visitors.

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Neck and shoulders

Today I had some naprapath treatment for my neck and shoulders. I feel a lot better afterwards, but there is still some pain and I'm limited in my movements. I don't know what I did, but probably I've spent to much time by the computer.

So today I'm only going to make this post and then turn the computer off................

Todays picture is from New York I like the framing the fence made.

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Missed a day ...

Yesterday I was to tired when I got home to write anything on my blog. It was a long day and I spent a large part of it fixing the pictures I'm displaying on Midsommargården from Sunday.
So I didn't get home until after 22.00 saw the news and went to bed.
Today I spent the day with my partners getting our office in order, long day too so I'm putting some old pictures of Sofia Azam in the blog today. Hope you enjoy them.


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Early morning Blogg nr 66

Work conference August 31 - September 1. I got up early in the morning and took my camera with me. I found this bridge:

and then I saw the shadows on the wall. Just had to capture the light

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More pictures from my project today. Tomorrow it'll be something completely different :-)

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