Diverse bilder från min vardag och lite annat. All photographs in this blog © Bengt Gustafsson, Bengts Bilder.


Today I hda the opportunity to take some photographs in my project. A fast adjustment in photoshop and here are two of them. I'll save a few for tomorrow or another day :-)

Sleep well photolovers.

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September 9:th 2007

Yesterday I went to Micke Bergs exhibition at "Galleri Ikon". I was not alone, but there was not a big crowd either. Probaly due to the rainy weather. A very nice collection of black and white prints. So if you have not been there I recommend a visit.

I'm working on mounting the pictures that  I plan to show on Midsommargårdens Fotoklubbs photoexhibition next sunday. I made two yesterday, but I have to buy new blades for my cutting knife. The passpartouts don't come out like I want them too, a bit frayed where I cut them. I think it's because the blade is dull.

I also worked on a picure for my project, a black and white print of light through a window. This was made with a Hasselblad 500 C/M and the standard 80mm lens, Tri-X film. The negative was scanned by Crimson.

I love the light in this picture

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The word naked gave me over 250 visits to my blog the last 24 hours. Strange?
Today I've been helping my wife with pictures of chrocheted articles.
The articles are designed and made by Maria Gullberg.
The pictures will be used to advertise a class of crocheting on

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is one of the words that attract viewers, today I'm showing some "nude" flowers

a couple of  withered roses

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More Mapplethorpe inspiration

I was inspired by Roberts flowers and tried to do my own, Maybe I've cropped a bit to much on the sides, but I prefer it this way

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