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Talking, eating, flying and relaxing....that's "my" Seagulls. This afternoon was a clear and bright day and the curious Seagulls was interested in what I was doing there. I feel connection when they look straight in the viewfinder. It's the same feeling when they show me the back :)



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The sound of wings.

I try to listen to the sound of the Seagulls wings when they are flying, but I am always distracted by the actually shooting and the joy I feel, looking at them in the viewfinder.  Do they really sounds at all? I promise I will try to listen better next time I'll be with them.



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Having fun in the waves.

As a Seagull nerd, I must confess that when I see a Seagull playing in the waves, I feel happy. It is rewarding for me to see them having fun. For me it looks like the human surfer also having a really fun time. I sometimes see children running after the Seagulls and throwing stones on them and that makes me so sad. My wishes is that the adults around the children would tell them that the Seagulls also needs to be loved. 



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Three brave and curious Seagulls.

This is about a day when I went to the beach with a mirror. I was interested in how they would react when I brought something which they were not accustomed with. I think we all had a really nice time together and I can assure you that i had many good laughs. The last Seagull had a very worried outlook, but her curiosity took over and she went forward.







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På Vernisage.


Tog med en måstavla ut till några måsar en gång så att de oxo skulle få njuta av en måsbild. De var ju lite oroliga i början eftersom detta var nått nytt för dom...tror jag i alla fall. De har säkert sett sin egen spegelbild i vattnet nån gång men ändå?  Den första måsen i bildserien såg för mig ut att ropa til de andra: -Kom igen nu och kolla in, det är mig ni ser på bilden!

De studerade bilden och sen tyckte några måsar kanske, att nu var det dax att arbeta med bobyggandet. 







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