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Why I am writing in English.

Soo long since I wrote something myself and I am writing in english instead of Swedish. This is because I have put out my Fotosidan Webpage address on my invitation card to my upcoming  group photo exhibition here in San Francisco. Yes, my images is about Seagulls and most of them are blurred. I am attending a class here where we learn everything from a strong portfolio to an exhibition. It has been Learning by Doing and is very intense and fun, and the 3rd of March is the Opening reception of the show at Modernbook Gallery. We are 16 talented people who were selected by  the Gallery Owners and the teacher Brigitte Carnochan. She is a really good photographer and have a lot of Gallery representations. 

If you want to look at our images, just go to www.modernbook,com/16at49.htm

So that's why I don't have written anything on my blog for a very long time. 

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