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I would appreciate your input.

Struggling a bit to decide if the Dancing Seagull works better in Black and White or Color. Do you have any idea about it so please let me know.

The  third image is lacking a title, maybe you have some idea?

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Seagulls in Platinum Palladium

Over the midsummer weekend I attended a workshop, north of San Francisco, with Beth Moon, my favorite Art Photographer, especially with her series " Thy Kingdom Come " ( if you want to check her website, just her name dot com.) The process of making a digital negative was not so easy, so another Art Photographer, Ninnian,  just made them for us. It has to be another workshop for learning to make the negative:) Two day we were in the darkroom, which was not so dark but no daylight has to come in. We were many people and had a lot of fun. I made three different Seagull images and I really consider this...but first I have to let go of the fact that I love the Seagulls in color:) Any way, I want to show you how they looked. My biggest surprise was that the digital negative come out in red. I was thinking of black in my mind:) 

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