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Changing and changing Seagulls again

The new and easy  possibility to move images and upload them to different portfolio albums give an easy way to see what needs to be changed:) So that is what I am doing with a pleasure. In with Seagulls, the next minute I see that they have very different title than the other, changing that and so on...:) Changing images, and then the hard thing: take some images away that I don't think work...anymore. Hard decisions. Here are some that I don't know if they are good enough to be in my webpage...yet. 

I think they are great but I am totally blinded by the beauty of Seagulls:)

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Time for Seagulls

This is a Seagull Blog  so now it's time to focusing on just Seagulls again. I have spent some time (with help from Kalle) to connect  my to my Portfolio on Fotosidan.  For me it is really great to be able to do that because my name is mostly difficult for people to pronounce and also to remember, in the US. My webpage is much easier:) Thanks FS and especially Christer Lindh for that possibility. Almost all the images are from Moro Bay and this is one of my favorite place to photograph Seagulls.

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