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The sensor in my Leica M8 is broken…

My Leica M8 which is upgraded to M8.2 standard is my favorite camera. It works like a dream and the picture quality is stunning. Even if it´s just a 10 megapixel camera with a crop factor of 1.3 the picture quality is almost as good as my bulky fullframe 16,7 megapixel 1Ds Mark II. Leica M8 is really a cheap and good entry to those who prefer digital rangefinder cameras and you can find a second hand Leica M8 for around 1200 Euro (10.000 SEK).

The morning has broken at Mount Sinai.

The sad thing about it is that my M8 has one big disadvantage. The right corner of the sensor is broken (see the illustration below). I can still use the camera either if I crop the image to 4/3-format or if I use the clone stamp to clone away the affected area in the image. But I hope that I will be able to send the camera to the factory in Solms for repair in the future. I think that it will cost me nearly 700 Euro (6000 SEK) to fix the problem with the broken sensor. First I have to find me a job so that I can afford the repairment of the camera. 

In order to balance the sad news about the camera and because it´s FF (Funny Friday) today I will give you this funny video that will certainly cheer you up. Please remember to always be on time to The Mirrorless Party

Text and Photo: © Mikael Good, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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Why Leica?

It happens every now and then that people ask me why I prefer Leica cameras? My answer is:
- There is no other alternative for me. I´m not a hipster or a fanboy i'm just a unemployed photojournalist who happens to like rangefinder cameras and want to shoot digital. There has been some rumors about a rangefinder coupled Hexar RF M mount camera from Sony. But even if a rumor is ever so interesting you'll never be able to make practical use of it.


Stick to the camera that you already have i your posession and learn it instead of continue the endless hunt for the perfect camera that you will never ever find. I used a digital Leica rangefinder camera and a Leica lens for the pictures from Mount Sinai in Egypt. It´s a exellent combination which suits my kind of photography perfectly.

The song today: A It Mek - Desmond Dekker

Text and Photo: © Mikael Good, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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